Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I only blog when I am at the hospital

Yes it is true I am back at the hospital.I thought yesterday was going to be a normal day but I was wrong. I had a doctor appointment and I thought it would be fine since everything was fine last week when I went.

I went back and had the ultrasound, he measured the girls and they looked so cute and were just moving around like crazy but then I saw that the doctor kept measuring the same thing ( I had no clue what it was obviously) He then told me that the amniotic fluid was low. Baby A's fluid is between 3-4 cm and Baby B's was 2cm. It is suppose to be between 8-10. YIKES! So they obviously sent me straight to the hospital. They think that my chronic high blood pressure due to my kidney disease is what is causing this. I am on so much blood pressure medicine it is unreal but it does not seem to help. So with all that being said we had a scary moment last night, they tested me for preeclampsia and said if it came back positive they were going to deliver the babies. Talk about panic attack these babies are too little to come now!! So thankfully the test came back negative so the girls did not have to be delivered yet!! So as of right now I am staying here to be monitored they are checking the fluids tomorrow and I could get to go home or this could be my home away from home til our little girls arrive.
Kemper has been so great through all of this! He is so supportive and so calm which is a good thing! Thank you thank you for everyone for your thoughts and prayers! These little girls need it!


  1. Kim, Hang in there! Bed rest is tough at first but gets easier, even in the hospital. I hope your hospital has some fun things for the moms on antipartum. Ours had a whole room full of scrapbooking supplies, cricuts, most any kind of home made craft for siblings who came in bored, a wii to play on etc. They even brought stuff to your room. I also enjoyed my netflix subscription and tried to do some cross stitch.. that one didn't last long. If you do have to stay there, talk to the nutritionist to see if you an order from the cafeteria menu some days. Ours had a taco Tuesday which made it a nice change from the normal menu I had. (I was in the hospital for 4 weeks, then home on full bedrest for another 3 months). Find a couple favorite book series and or tv series to get caught up on. I loved Grey's Anatomy and fell in love with Bones... all 6 seasons.
    Another good way to pass the time on Sundays (and other days) is to start doing indexing for the Church.

    I hope your girls stay put for a bit longer, I can't remember how far along you are, but my thoughts and prayers are with you!

  2. Kim! We love you to pieces and hope everything goes well. We miss you two to pieces and are so excited about your new additions!