Saturday, March 17, 2012

Getting so close!

Since my last update in the hospital I am back at home on bed rest. It is so much nicer to be at home laying in bed than being at the hospital laying in bed. The fluid around the girls is still low but as the doctors put it, it is at the low end of fine so I usually have 3 doctor appointments a week but I will take it to make sure that the girls are safe and sound.

Everyone has been asking me how long they think I will go so I asked my doctor and she said that she is surprised I have made it this long. (Thanks for all the prayers!!) But she said she is shooting for 34 weeks which is in 3 weeks!!! She said the girls should be fine and not have to spend a long time in the NICU. They already got the steroid shot for their lungs so hopefully that helps as well. I feel confident that they will be just fine. They are tough little girls already I can tell!

Other than all the stuff going on with the pregnancy our life is pretty boring. Kemper is staying busy with work and we are trying to speed up the process on the girls room and get everything done! I will continue to try and keep you all updated on whats going on!!

Here are some pics of the every growing belly!

Here is the belly at almost 30 weeks. Still in the hospital as you can tell with my IV. 

Here is the belly at 31 weeks. 


  1. You're so brave! We are praying for you guys over there :)

  2. You look wonderful, and I am so glad that you get to be home now!