Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I started back up my blog again so I could remember all the things about this pregnancy, since it's my first and it's twins. Now I know that most of you know when you become pregnant people ask you all kinds of crazy or personal questions. Well when you are pregnant with multiples it seems to be amplified! Here are the questions that I get and mostly in this order.."Oh you are having twins, are you on fertility medicine?" ummm excuse me do I know you. It is one thing to talk about this with your family and friends but random people... no thanks! To answer the question no I was not on fertility medicine it just happened.

Next question, (this one is usually next once they find out my husband is a twin) "Oh so are you having twins because your husband is a twin?" Now I will admit this I was no expert on twins before I got pregnant with them but having twins has nothing to do with the husband. If you have identical twins its just a random thing because the egg splits, if you have fraternal twins the mom dropped two eggs. Right now we don't know if they are identical or fraternal. The girl each have their own sac and own placenta so we really won't know until they come out!!

The third question is "Are you going to dress them the same/make their names rhyme?" I like this question it makes me laugh.. Since they are girls I will probably dress them a like for awhile, not all the time obviously but it's cute and I might as well take advantage of it while they still let me dress them! And no their names will not rhyme or start with the same letter.. I don't really hate it if their names rhyme but that is one thing that my husband can not handle it so their names won't rhyme!!

Now don't get my wrong I love questions and don't mind answering them they just make me laugh sometimes! Especially random grandmas at the grocery story who ask me when I am due and when I say May they ask me why I am so big?? haha precious

Here is baby A.. she is breech right now so she likes to headbutt me in the ribs!! sweetie pie!

This is baby B. She is just hanging out..she is head down and just hanging out!

This is Kemper and our nephew making banana bread! Kemper is going to be such a good dad!

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