Monday, January 23, 2012

picutre update

So I have a few pics to put up of the babes and of my ever growing belly. I am not a big fan of putting pics of myself and ultrasound pics up but this is for family and friends. love yall!

This is me at like 16 weeks.

This is me at 22 weeks. Ignore my face.

This proves that there are in fact two little babies inside of me!! We love them so much and can't wait to meet them! =)

P.s. the comments on the pics are for the picture above not below. Sorry if that is confusing I don't feel like changing it!


  1. You are so super cute Kim! I am way excited! I can't imagine having two little babies at once! You are going to be awesome!

    1. Thanks Nicki!!I know it is defiantly going to be an adventure!!Your little man is adorable!!!