Thursday, February 25, 2010

well hello has been a little while. let's see what has been going on. I finally after months of waiting I got another job. After half the semester is over i finally have 3 part time jobs which I think equals a full time job. Well if you are dying to know what my three jobs I work at a preschool in the morning and at an after school program in the morning. I thought that older kids would be easier that 3 year olds. I was soo wrong. 5-9 year olds are pretty dramatic. not to say that i was not dramatic when i was that age but fun though. always an experience. today we were suppose to make playdough which turned into paste and got all over the room and covered mostly my clothes. I think i was named the paper towel for all the kids hands to be wiped on me. but i love it.. kids are fun. and it is my career path so i better get use to it.

I also work with a little girl with cerebral palsy. She is so great. I have learned so many great lessons from her. It is really neat to see her grow and her eyes light up when she learns something new. it is really fun.

well kemper is staying super super super busy with school. man i can not wait to be done with school and get out of idaho. no offense to people from here but im gonna go crazy. =)

well i guess that is all for now. we are staying busy busy but loving being married. we miss our families sooo much and can not wait to see them.

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  1. You have a blog????!!!! What the????!!!! Keep a sister informed, Kimmie. Sheesh! ;)